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Highest Paying Online Surveys

Because there are so many paid surveys companies available to join in Australia, we have list on this page our recommended top paid survey companies of all time. These are all highly reputable and legitimate online survey companies and we recommend you join all of them to increase your chances at making doing paid surveys online.

  • MakeMoneyTakingSurveys MakeMoneyTakingSurveys is the best Australian site I've seen, and been involved with, you get paid to take surveys online, get paid to read emails, get paid to play games, get paid to shop with reward partners and more. Their online surveys are frequent and enjoyable, and usually pay well for the time needed to complete them. MakeMoneyTakingSurveys is the best Australian rewards site by far.

  • Sprizely Companies around the world are ready to pay you for your personal opinions. Literally MILLIONS of dollars have been paid to people like you for taking online market research surveys. Make a difference...and make some money! Join now and get $5.00 CASH in your Survey Head rewards Account fro FREE!

  • Nielsen Survey Doing paid surveys online in your spare time is a great way to make some extra money - and paid online surveys are lots of fun too. We've helped 1000s of people get paid for surveys, and would love to have you join us. Grab a free paid surveys membership and you can get started right now...

  • Survey Savvy Since it's inception in 2000, the Survey Savvy community has grown to over 3 million people across 190 countries earning cash by participating in their online surveys. The Survey Savvy community drives tomorrow's consumer marketplace. Your insights are instrumental in creating future products and services. Your participation in their surveys will help determine relevant market research data. Their surveys pay between $3.00 and $75.00 USD, and the time they take to complete is rewarded fairly.


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